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Top Shelf is a splendid escape from your day in a bar type atmosphere. Visitors can spend their “happy hour” enjoying the services of our beauty-tenders ranging from eyelash extensions to massage, or spray tans and facials. We have something to satisfy both men and women on our decadent “Bar” menu. A complimentary “juice” bar is located in each treatment room where guests can recharge their electronics while relaxing during their services. Retail therapy is offered with a perfect blend of luxury and wellness products. Please remember to visit our touch up bar before you leave to try the latest trends in cosmetics. Reservations recommended. 

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Our staff of beauty-tenders are a collection of passion and talent. We believe in developing that talent from the passions we hold dear. From life changing eyelash extensions to "soul" changing deep tissue massage, to anti-aging facials we commit to giving the best, most rewarding experience possible.  We're passionate about using the highest quality products with a wide range of varieties so there is always something for everyone.




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Top shelf beauty bar is centrally located in the heart of beautiful downtown Pleasanton California. We are super easy to find directly across from The Creamery. We are thrilled to be where the action is. Wifi is complimentary as is our "juice" bar for recharging electronics. We'd love for you to come visit and stay until everyone knows your name.
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  1. I found Chanell on Yelp in January 2016 and have been coming in every 3 weeks ever since. She always does an awesome job on my lashes. I recently started having her do my brows too. I always get compliments on my eyes, but people don't immediately think they are extensions. I remember when I first read her Yelp reviews that people said these lash extensions are "life changing" and they really are! I wish I hadn't waited so long to start!
    Tinysha W.
  2. Chanell's work is AMAZING! I went to her earlier today. I was about 8 minutes late and she was very kind to tell me it was no problem. I highly recommend her to everyone that is interested in eyelash extensions. The whole process took about a little under an hour and a half, I felt like I was going to fall asleep (but I didn't lol). The results you get you will love! I loved my eyelashes. It is life changing :)
    Kimberly S.
  3. Chanell is amazing, meticulous, and extremely talented. I have been availing of her skills since May, when I had my first set of extensions put on. My eyes look amazing. My eyelashes are long and think and glorious and elicit lots of compliments, but still look natural enough that nobody has ever called me on them. I feel lovely all day long. True story: A few days after I had them put on, my husband looks at me and says, "Babe, your eyes are getting more beautiful." And of course I cracked up. Like, NO KIDDING SHERLOCK HOLMES. YOU THINIK? I once asked Chanell about what made her seek out her esthetician license. She said simply "Because I wanted to do eyelashes.' This totally shows in the work she does. She didn't go to some workshop because the day spa she worked for wanted to add a new service to cash in on a fad. No. She sought out her license and paid for it herself and opened a business because she wanted to do exactly what she is doing. That love for what she does really shines through in her work. After I got my first set of lashes, I went on a 6 week vacation. Toward the end of that trip (because my Butterfly Kisses lashed looked amazing for four solid weeks) I decided to get a new set of lashes before I went home. DISASTROUS! They looked clumpy and fake and totally amateur. Thankfully they started dropping off after a few days. I went straight to Chanell when I got home and will now never go anywhere else. I also have two friends who got extensions because they loved mine, but didn't go to Chanell. In both cases they were extremely disappointed. One of my friends said: You got the eyelash hero, I got the eyelash zero. If you're going to do it, do it right and visit Chanell. UPDATE APRIL 2016: I started developing an allergy to the lash glue a few months back. I was so bummed. But Chanell researched the problem and ordered me special "sensitive eyes" glue (at no extra cost, of course) and now everything is perfect again. She is such a professional!
    Kathleen E.
  4. I was extremely hesitant to get my eyelashes done especially after hearing about the "cons" from friends and media. After speaking with Chanell over the phone and asking her 100 questions I felt reassured and decided to go through with an appointment. As she says "it's life changing!" For my first experience with eyelash extensions she made me feel beyond comfortable. The set up of her office is so warm and inviting. She has an amazing personality and she is definitely talented with eyelashes! She's also CERTIFIED!!! :) I absolutely love my eyelash extensions! Can't wait to go back!!!!
    Manpreet T.
  5. So it been approximately one year and Chanell is still the only person I go to for my eye lash extensions! She is by far the best eye lash technician in Tracy! She offers a professional service with a professional and beautiful atmosphere. She listens to concerns, offers suggestions, and works magic helping customers visions come to fruition.
    Lombeh H.
  6. I have been Chanell's client now for two years. Every three to four weeks I get my lashes done. She is simply amazing in every way. My lashes are always done thoroughly and full! I've had my lashes done by others in Tracy and no one seems to compare. She is my go to.
    Taylor C.
  7. Can we just discuss first impressions?! Taylor is gorgeous! And I knew from the start allowing her to fix my brows and do my make up I was in the perfect hands! So from a previous waxer my brows were left uneven and shorter than I care for, and taylor didn't hesitate to tell me how she was going to correct the unevenness, but also she was going to walk me through how to fill them in and make my brows perfect! The waxing was painless, and she was quick and efficient. Then when she was doing my brows, she handed me a mirror and showed me how she was going to correct the length and help me fill in the little bit of unevenness which can only be fixed with time. She made my brows kardashian standard perfection! My make up was natural and flawless. She blended the perfect color for my face and used the perfect shadows to make my eyes pop, but without looking like I was wearing a ton of makeup. It felt great and lasted all night! Taylor is the real deal. And her skills are unreal!
    Taryn G.
  8. I had never tried eyelash extensions before but I am so glad that I did! Marwa was lovely, since I have fine, blonde lashes they were difficult to work with but she did a stellar job. She was friendly and my lashes have never looked better. I don't even need mascara! Definitely going back!
    Savannah R.
  9. Went in earlier today and I've gotten so many compliments already! Janie did an amazing job. I could tell she was really paying attention to detail when she was doing my lashes. I'm in loveee with them and it's such a nice feeling knowing I have fleeky eyelashes without any effort. I definitely recommend going here and to Janie for your lashes!
    Lauren B.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send us a message. 


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