Cynthia Pinto

Hey loves! I’m Cynthia. Being in the beauty industry has always been a dream of mine. I can remember being  a little girl  playing with my moms makeup and begging my older sister to let me play with her hair. When I was in cosmetology school I was introduced to lash extensions and was hooked ever since. Throughout the years I’ve grown so much as an artist and it feels so rewarding. In this industry there’s so much competition and there is always something new to learn, the education never ends. I try my hardest to customize a specific set for everyone one of my clients. No 2 eyes are the same and I think that’s what keeps it fun and challenging. I must say that the biggest reward of this job is being a part of making one feel even prettier about themselves. The smile on my clients faces when they look at themselves is priceless. Look forward to meeting you:)

Instagram: @ beauty.bycyn

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