Katie sullivan

I am a Bay Area artist who started my career as an esthetician in 2010. My interest in gaining more knowledge about the science and art of this industry eventually led me the world of Cosmetic Tattoo Eyebrows! After an intensive 2 year apprenticeship I am skilled in both microblading and traditional machine techniques in order to accommodate every skin type and style including cover ups and corrections. I believe every look should be personalized to bring out your individual style and beauty! 

Q. What is the one product you can't simply live without?
A. Beauty product I cannot live with out is SPF. Happy, healthy skin is always beautiful. UV protection is also necessary for any other products to work safely and provide best results.  

Q. What’s your obsession?
A. I'm most passionate about art and wellness in the beauty industry. I love helping others find and express their individual, unique beauty from the inside out!

Q. Where is your happy place?

A. When I'm not designing eyebrows, my favorite activties include painting and hanging out with my two little dogs, Rosie and Charlie!

Instagram: @kbugcosmetictattoo_

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​(925) 520-5765


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